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At Ra’e, we are proud to be the shepherd. A shepherd who is responsible for our flock.

We are a group of seasoned entrepreneurs from various countries with more than 50 years of combined experience in various industries. Each one of us is our own shepherd, with our own network of flocks.

We help organisations to discover their own enduring sense of purpose – the power of “why”, and to help unleash the collective capacity of their people to create the results that they care most about. Build to last.


We help companies to realise their fullest potential by transforming organisations into living and self-renewing entities. Companies that exist with a clear sense of purpose to improve the lives of people and communities they are a part of, also tend to have an inner drive to be excellent, ethical and engaging.

Ra’e Ventures was founded with the aim to empower, support & mentor start up businesses & entrepreneurs who will consequently make a positive impact to communities. Businesses with focus on the forecasted US$3.2 trillion (by 2024) Halal Economy.  Businesses that provides solutions to the mainly Muslim markets globally. 

We realize early on that a business is as good as the ecosystem it belongs to. We are sharing our expertise and experience to provide the ecosystem support a company needs. Our team supports ventures with what they need, whenever they need it — from operational support, mentoring, business coaching, digital marketing, tech and product development to investment capital. 

We are also working closely with a group of business mentors who are operating in multiple verticals. Each one with their distinctive experience and expertise, ready to share with other entrepreneurial teams out there. 

Come and be part of our ecosystem. 

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