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Environment-First Organic Skin Care Product

Grow in, Glow Out

Our Story

The journey of ADANIA began in 2010 with Amaryllis Wellness, one of Kuala Lumpur’s fast growing Spa groups, kick-started our founder’s journey towards spreading awareness on organic and natural beauty. Stemming from there; demand for organic and natural products increased, with consumers yearning for healthier skin through healthier methods. 

As an advocate of health and wellness using only organic ingredients, Amaryllis Wellness was very focussed on introducing and injecting this, at the time, radical idea into the public’s consciousness.


Fast forward to 2014, ADANIA finally came into being; ready to spread its wings in the local natural and organic skincare market. 

There are also a lot of artificial ingredients that are making its way to the consumers through various skincare products. Skin care can be a tricky category to navigate - buried in confusing pseudo-science and baffling beauty marketing that are readily available and accessible. Plus not many believe in the power of plants anymore. Nevertheless, we at Adania believe in using natural ingredients, sourced ethically and sustainably from day one. 

Holding true to our goal to educate the importance of organic and healthy ingredients in their skin care, ADANIA was welcomed with open arms. Numerous positive feedbacks from customers and celebrities alike gave us the recognition and the confidence that we are on the right track.

Why ADANIA & Co?

After six years being in the organic skincare industry, we believe it is about time to infuse some new energy and vibes into the brand. We have decided to re-brand ADANIA's name by adding on ‘Co’, hence we are proud to be known as ADANIA & Co. 

The ‘Co’ signifies the company. It is the team behind the brand and the customers who use the brand. The people behind the scenes who have made the brand the way it is. But now, we are ready for the next chapter of the ADANIA story.

Now ADANIA & Co wants to do more. Using our collective voices, we want to do more than just creating awareness and educating the public. We want to push the envelope by getting the public involved; creating a community that shares our brand ethos and want to make an impact at the same time. Impact to the community and to nature. 

So for our 6th year anniversary, we bring to you the new us; with a new look and new missions. ADANIA & Co at the heart of it is still the same, but now infused with new energy and ideals. Get ready for it...

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