Hisham Talib

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VP of Business & Investment

Hisham is a serial entrepreneur. He has started, closed and run businesses almost all of his adult life. And at times, a few at the same time! His entrepreneurial pursuit has brought him to set up businesses in Indonesia, Myanmar & Malaysia of course. He was part of the 1st cohort of e-founders, a program by the United Nations’ Conference of Trade & Development (UNCTAD) and Alibaba Business School. 

Started with architectural background, his keen eye on design and how things work had led him to different industries in multiple countries. A serial entrepreneur at heart, he has started and exited many businesses over the years, spanning Malaysia, Myanmar and Indonesia. He was involved in construction, engineering and security, F&B, training, e-commerce, supply chain management, and many more. 


In Jakarta, which he was based for more than a year, he was spearheading the e-commerce business. From developing the strategy, supply chain management, operations, sales and marketing for PT Karya Legasi Utama (PT KLU). They are the sole-distributor for the Indonesian market, for a successful Malaysian health & beauty product brand. 


While he was at the helm, PT KLU completed a few milestones in the 1st 4 months; with the launch of the new corporate website, linking it with the partner application platform, developing the marketing strategies and the implementation, by setting up a partnership structure that encompasses partners from all major regions in Indonesia. He also helped develop a central Digital Asset Management (DAM) which provides localized content for the local audience and market. All digital marketing campaigns and activities are based on the DAM, thus minimizing misleading information. 


Hisham also co-founded PasarTap; one of the earliest online grocery players in Malaysia. Some of the projects that he executed as the CEO was to partner with Smart Selangor Delivery Unit (SSDU) to develop and operate an e-commerce platform that connects the food producers in the state of Selangor with consumers. 

Whilst he was with Pasartap, he was chosen to attend Alibaba Business School & UN Conference on Trade & Development (UNCTAD) e-founders program. Spent 2 weeks in Hangzhou together with 36 other startup CEOs in various verticals from other Asean countries + Pakistan (April 2018). He had the good fortune to learn how Alibaba grew their business as well as experience sharing with the other startups. Had 1st hand experience with Alibaba’s grocery business and the systems behind it.


Apart from being the Chief Executive Officer of Ra’e Ventures Sdn Bhd, he is also the Chief Strategy Officer of Sentuh Sinergi Sdn Bhd, the owner and operator of Sentuh App, a wellness-on-demand platform. He is responsible for overall corporate strategic objectives with the outlook of regional expansion.