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Mizi Wahid


Mr Muhammad Tarmizi Bin Abdul Wahid or Ustaz Mizi, is the founder and CEO of Safinah Holdings Pte Ltd, a modern and progressive Islamic organisation which runs numerous events on contemporary issues faced by today’s community. The organisation is known for conducting full-house events catered for young professionals, young couples, and new parents - for groups as small as 50 to as large as 2000 per session.


Mr. Tarmizi has more than 10 years experience of working in the Islamic eco-system having had past involvements in the Halal industry, Islamic finance, and mainly in the area of Islamic education. The reach he has gained through his events have surpassed 70,000 over the past decade. He had a 2-and-a-half year stint serving Majlis Ugama Islam Singapore between 2006-2009 in the Office of the Mufti. Part of his experience in MUIS includes interfacing between local and Middle-Eastern government Ministries and presenting research papers at senior level meetings within ASEAN.

Between 2013 to 2014, he led the curriculum development team in Vector Scorecard Asia-Pacific group as part of his company’s strategic partnership with Vector Scorecard Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd (VSC). Apart from curriculum development, he also provides facilitation, training and advisory services in areas of education, business and socio-economics. His role in VSC includes harmonising the inputs from Shariah scholars and the analytical team, while managing the secretariat and group of associates with primary responsibilities covering various areas.


He currently sits in the MUIS Fatwa Committee (2nd term), PERGAS Council Committee (2nd term), Board of Visitors  (Drug Rehabilitation Centres and Anti-Inhalant Abuse Centres) (1st Term), Asatizah Advisory Committee of the Muslim  Converts' Association of Singapore (MCAS) (1st Term), AMP  Singapore Board of Directors (2nd term), COFA Committee,  and is an official Naib Kadi appointed by the President of the  State (3rd term). He also formerly sat on the Board of Governors for Albukhary  Irsyad International School (Kedah), and the Madrasah


Management Committee for Madrasah Irsyad Zuhri Al- Islamiah. And is now one of the Directors for Irsyad Trust Ltd, an international education consultancy that trains teachers and run schools in Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Maldives, and Malaysia.


He has written two best-selling books, The Art of Letting God and Call Upon Him and has recently released a third book entitled, ‘You Are Loved’. He is also a co-host of a popular podcast channel called ‘The Good Life’ that has hit the top 5 charts in Singapore and Malaysia. Apart from his daily activities, he also maintains an active social media presence on Instagram and Twitter.

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