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Mizz Nina


Executive Director & Advisor

Shazrina Azman or better known as Mizz Nina is a former DJ, hip hop and pop artist that took Malaysia by storm. Having collaborated and performed on stage with the likes of American rapper Flo Rida, RnB artist Colby O’Donnis, K-Pop artist Jay Park and many more, she has done it all.


In 2013, Mizz Nina made the decision to perform the Hajj and everything changed. Her spiritual Hijrah was inevitable. Like turning over a new leaf, she embraces her true calling which is becoming a student of knowledge and Da'wah.


She graduated from Garden International School in 1996, proceeded to Sunway college and spent her university days in Perth Australia in Edith Cowan University majoring in Media Studies & Public Relations. She then returned to Kuala Lumpur pursuing her music career & also spent 7 years in the radio industry producing and hosting for a number of shows across a few radio stations (WowFm, RedFm & FlyFm) in Malaysia. 


Today she is a student of Islamic knowledge, a graduate from the Arees University of Malaysia, Nur Ala Nur Academy and currently undertaking a Ta’leem Al-Quran diploma with Alhuda Institute.

A budding Muslimah entrepreneur in her own right, Mizz Nina is the co-founder of Malaysia’s leading English Islamic youtube channel “Dopstv”, co-founder of “QalbyAPP” an Islamic lifestyle App and co-founder of “Ra’e Ventures”.


Ra’e Ventures was founded with the aim to empower, support & mentor start up businesses & entrepreneurs who will consequently make a positive impact to communities. 


Mizz Nina is also active with humanitarian movements such as :- Cinta Syria Malaysia, Global Peace Malaysia, 1Moment4Them that provides aid, education, support, to the poor, needy and refugees. Since then she has founded & is the Chairwoman of Min Qalby Foundation which specialises in supporting education, humanitarian & business empowerment programs for those in need. She also spreads her Da'wah efforts through her social media platforms, talks & modest fashion label  "ByMizznina".


She has established herself as an Islamic TV host with inspiring and in depth TV programs on national TV such as "Always A Traveller", "Beyond Translation", "Walk His Way" and through her online YouTube channel DOPS TV programs interviewing respected Muslim scholars and influential individuals from all over the world.

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