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Wellness on Demand

Digital wellness platform (Sentuh), is a leading digital wellness platform that links qualified wellness, beauty and physiotherapy centres and mobile therapists to customers. 


The Sentuh Merchant App featuring the end-to-end booking and management system is at its final stages of development, targeting a launch in Q12021. The development is at beta testing stage with the team busy with onboarding of the first group of merchants onto the platform.  


With the App in place, merchants will be able to manage their therapists from their personalised Merchant App dashboard. As merchants, they have an end-to-end overview of their therapists, bookings, data analytics and reporting, all important data points for them to make sound business decisions.  


For merchants, digitising their services will be a costly and time consuming exercise, apart from the complex technological requirement that is needed. On top of that, the current pandemic and post-pandemic environment with strict SOP requirements would only mean that consumers’ trust will still be a challenge.  Via the App and our positioning in the market, merchants will be providing access to quality wellness and beauty services to more people, increasing their revenue stream whilst widening their market without having to manage the technological side of the process.


The user-friendly easy to use App, will also enable therapists to have an access to their booking history and current bookings as well as a view of their commision from the Sentuh Therapist Mobile App. This provides a manageable, open communication between the Merchants and their therapists, creating a better safety net for gig workers who are part of our valuable workforce. 

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