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Updated: Jul 30, 2021

By NickG

Starting a business is never easy. There’s a huge range of variables at play. Many businesses don’t even make it past their first year of operations. It may get extremely chaotic if you don't have a plan for beginning your business. There will be distractions, and you'll find yourself second-guessing what you should be doing. Entrepreneurs need to take some time to consider the actions they believe they'll need to take to launch their companies. They could also talk to a business mentor or someone who has experience in that field. Entrepreneurs who have a good support system find it really helps. Ra'e Ventures embarked on setting up the “Jom Grow Mentoring Program”, designed to guide participating start-ups toward stability and future success. Throughout the 3-month programme, mentors are there for them every step of the way, and mentees have access to several coaches that can assist and provide them with the information they need. Leading up to the closing date for applications, Rae Ventures organised several zoom webinars, covering the mistakes made by small businesses, critical steps that make or break a business and digitizing a business. After the closing date for registrations, over 200 SMEs had applied to join the program. A stringent interview process was applied, and after the dust had settled, Rae had trimmed the list down to 9 companies. In under a year, we’d gone from an idea, to pitching it to partners, to setting up a team, a vision and mission.

The following companies are the finalists:

1. Eat This Not That (ETNT) @etnt.official

2. Chirpy Enterprise @chirpykids

3. Seratus Juta Enterprise @kangreney

4. FW Crustacea @fwcrustacea

5. Beverly's Patisserie @beverlyspatisserie

6. Teeya Cakehouse @teeya.cakehouse

7. Nuorel @nuorelnaturals

8. ISUFOM Empire @broazharsoo

9. Elka & Elza @elkaelza

Congratulation to all. They’ll be guided by mentors Mizi Wahid, Afiq Nazary and coaches who are subject matter experts.

Afiq Nazary, one of our mentors

We're excited to follow their development through the programme, and we're hoping that this initial intake will set a high bar for future intakes. If you didn't get a chance to join us this time, keep an eye out for the next enrollment period.

Onwards and upwards. Watch this space!

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