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We in Ra’e Ventures help entrepreneurs to discover their own enduring sense of purpose

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

The power of “why”, and to help unleash the collective capacity of the people in the business to create the results that they care most about.

We realize early on that a business is as good as the ecosystem it belongs to. We are sharing our expertise and experience to provide the ecosystem support a company needs. Our team supports ventures with what they need, whenever they need it — from operational support to investment capital.

We are looking for entrepreneurs who want to realize their fullest potential, by transforming their business into living and self-renewing entities. Companies that exist with a clear sense of purpose to improve the lives of people and communities they are a part of.

Apart from our business coaching and mentorship modules, we provide technical advice and development as well as digital marketing as part of the modules being offered. We identified these are the 3 critical elements that are often overlooked by entrepreneurs, especially to compete in the global digital economy.

Please follow us to get updates of our next programs. And how you can get yourselves to be part of these programs. Stay tuned!

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